Today is September 6th, 2011:

My girlfriend was not stirred from sleep by the news.  My neighbors perform the same morning cigarette ritual, they have not been spared routine by the Christmas morning playing VCR cassettes in my 7yr old heart.

Be careful, I tell myself.  The world get’s smaller on Christmas, like the size of a living room.  In it, there is no room for friends or family.   Monks tell me, “If you see the Buddha, kill him”.  I’ll kill Christmas, too, so that you can celebrate it however you wish.

Garden of Arms has been awarded iTunes “Indie Music Spotlight” you can download track 2 “Beach” for free HERE and Purchase the entire album for less then usual.
HERE on Amazon you can also purchase the record, or nearly anything else.
Of course, Jagjaguwar would love to help you out.
With the love of any other day,